Monsieur Arsène Perfume Arsene

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84,77% Bio* / 99,91% Naturel / Vegan & Cruelty-Free

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Arsène Eau de Parfum is a very fresh fragrance, an explosion of citrus fruits, the main citrus fruit of which is green orange. This ingredient has a very fragrant zest, leaves that bring their vegetable tone, and a very sunny general appearance. The burst of this essence is enhanced by green tangerine and lemon. Mint leaves, lavender, and ginger add extra liveliness. In addition, pineapple, apple and anise make it a slightly fruity fragrance. Its floral and humid accord is based on the small mandarin grain and the heart of jasmine. Finally, its wake is more woody and hints at the presence of vetiver, patchouli and amyris.

1.7 oz / 50ML – in a linen pouch


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